Friday, July 5, 2013

Interview With A Hitman

I love self destructive characters, tragedy, style & murder and this film hits the jackpot each time. Luke Goss is an amazing actor even though you don't see him as much. His style in the film is superb and incredible. Now the film does have it's flaws. The sound quality at the Film Makers disposal aren't the best. I found myself having to turn on the subtitles in certain scenes because on top of thick accents the sound quality seems lower than normal. Another flaw I noticed is that the story of the film itself seems to take tight turns that don't seem to make much sense at times. It is confusing but the fog of the plot clears quickly and you never lose interest. This movie isn't dialogue driven, but instead is the strong and silent type you need to pay attention.

Even with the films flaws I have to give it 5 stars and this is why. This movie has an incredibly compelling background story that is told in Interview style but it's uninterrupted and continuous. The acting is solid which is rare in films like this. The movie uses no special effects so you really get this gritty feel to it at all times. Like I mentioned the story line is straight forward with a lot of tight turns but you can't help but watch and never look away.

This female actress was a great supporting actress. Without her this whole film would have fallen apart. Although this movie isn't a mystery movie it's difficult to talk about it without revealing the reality of the situation. As always you won't find a spoiler here, instead you'll find just the facts about the film. I can't possibly express in a blog how much I loved this film. 

The ending is by far my favorite scene of the entire movie, not to say that there is nothing else that's memorable. There's plenty of good kills and fights however the ending is so unexpected that I simply can't put it to words...but i'll try. Elegantly destructive and filled with hate. 


  1. lovely luke shines like a diamond in this film :) x

  2. I enjoyed Luke Goss in Interview with a Hitman. Even though it was not an action movie, I did not find it lagging. It was concise. I liked how everyone had this image of him as emotionless when clearly that was not the case. He made his character quite believable.